STARS by Michael Cromer

Design with Passion

„STARS by Mc“ presents its impressive luggage, bags and accessoires with the „Mark“ of exclusiveness and is reviving the thoughts and visions of designer Michael Cromer (. 2007) of harmony between quality, functionality and elegance.

STARS are handbags, luggage and accessories with an unmistakable design of ambitious simplicity and classic elegance.
A specific designed pattern, the trademark, the eight point star, is intricate crafted with gold and silver badges or premium crystals.
This gives the products a personal character.
The design is a symbiosis of classic and modern:  from “Michael Cromer Pure” with the material MC Retro und completely innovative weaving with gold and silver threads.
Current fashion trends are seasonal incorporated and interpreted in the STARS “language”.
In that way STARS stands for long term acquirable, timelessness and classic basic assortment – high quality and highest functionality, complemented by fashionable and innovative products, styles and colors

Highest quality, perfect craftsmanship and exclusive standards make up the STARS products. Applications, rings and rivets are specially designed and build for STARS.

STARS - and a shining star will always be with you!

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